20 something hot bride!!

I received the following email from an amazing lady who I have had the pleasure of working with for over a year now. Jenn came to me with a long-term fitness goal based on preparing for her wedding day, and we set forth on a journey full of short term fitness and health goals to get there. One of my favourite memories with her is a few months after we had began training, one of the presents her fiance got her was a kettlebell! She tells me that if she is ever in a bad mood he tells her “Jenn, go work out and then you’ll be back to your positive self.” lol ! This girl kills the double unders, lifts heavy and works HARD. I am extremely proud of her.
Read her story below!

Words cannot express the impact acain training has had on my life! I first met Alli Cain about a year and half ago as a newly engaged bride looking to be more confident for her wedding. I started out with personal training, as I was way to self conscious to even think of a bootcamp setting. Now a year and a half, a wedding and a honeymoon later, you couldn’t pay me to miss a bootcamp!! With Alli’s help I felt confident in my wedding dress and know I will never look back on the photos wishing I had done more. Alli has helped me develop a love for fitness, I truly look forward to attending bootcamp weekly no matter how tired I feel during the day. Bootcamp and training with Alli has been one of the best investments in my life. Not only am I healthier and stronger now, but I am a more confident person. She runs her bootcamps and personal training sessions with amazing positivity and energy. Her passion for fitness and health is almost contagious, and you can really tell how much she loves her job and cares about you. To Alli you never feel like another bootcamp member, she makes the effort to know everyone, to know your individual goals and to work with you to achieve them. Alli has changed my life and I plan to attend bootcamps for as long as she runs them!!

– Jenn


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