Healthy dessert to SS20S!

Cottage was a blast! I have to share with you this delicious Canada Day themed dessert I brought to share with my friends that is also a healthier treat! It was SUPER easy to put together too. I am efficient, healthy AND keeping the bod tight… makin’ major moves!

First, I picked up a sponge cake from the grocery store. Probs would have made a gluten free sponge cake but time wasn’t on my side, and I don’t want to force my food intolerance on anyone else. The sponge cake was 150cals for 1/5th of the cake. We cut the cake into 8ths.

Second, I bought a carton of strawberries. I chopped these up before getting to the cottage and sprinkled some stevia on them. Pre-chopping makes the strawberries juicier and the sponge cake really soaks it up! Stevia is a 0 calorie plant based sweetener… I use it in place of sugar in almost everything!

Finally, I brought cool whip and also source yogurt to top it with.

So overall, I made my healthy strawberry shortcake with a small peice of sponge cake, a serving of strawberries and topped with a dollop of yogurt… The less healthy version was with a big piece of sponge cake, lots of yogurt, and a large serving of whipped cream…I like food like I like my men…. lots of options 🙂

Voila! Simple to make, everyone enjoyed it and guilt-free for meImage

Found this photo on google… the fun-ness of the cotty wkd I forgot to take a pic of my treat! Safe to say this one is prettier than my creation!

Until next time…. stay skinny 20 something!