Healthy dessert to SS20S!

Cottage was a blast! I have to share with you this delicious Canada Day themed dessert I brought to share with my friends that is also a healthier treat! It was SUPER easy to put together too. I am efficient, healthy AND keeping the bod tight… makin’ major moves!

First, I picked up a sponge cake from the grocery store. Probs would have made a gluten free sponge cake but time wasn’t on my side, and I don’t want to force my food intolerance on anyone else. The sponge cake was 150cals for 1/5th of the cake. We cut the cake into 8ths.

Second, I bought a carton of strawberries. I chopped these up before getting to the cottage and sprinkled some stevia on them. Pre-chopping makes the strawberries juicier and the sponge cake really soaks it up! Stevia is a 0 calorie plant based sweetener… I use it in place of sugar in almost everything!

Finally, I brought cool whip and also source yogurt to top it with.

So overall, I made my healthy strawberry shortcake with a small peice of sponge cake, a serving of strawberries and topped with a dollop of yogurt… The less healthy version was with a big piece of sponge cake, lots of yogurt, and a large serving of whipped cream…I like food like I like my men…. lots of options ūüôā

Voila! Simple to make, everyone enjoyed it and guilt-free for meImage

Found this photo on google… the fun-ness of the cotty wkd I forgot to take a pic of my treat! Safe to say this one is prettier than my creation!

Until next time…. stay skinny 20 something!


20 something long weekend getaways (LWG)


Convenient that my first post falls on the Canada Day long weekend. 20 somethings everywhere (well, just in Canada, I suppose,) rejoice! We are getting together with friends for food, drinks and overindulgence in both of those categories. If you want to avoid getting out your fat girl clothes in the middle of summer, do this.


Drink clear liquor. Might mean you’re playing flip cup with vodka…. suck it up sweetie, and be careful! While maintaining that killer beach bod would ideally mean no alcohol whatsoever…. that’s not going to happen. So, stick to your clear liquors, like vodka which is about 60cals a shot. Beer and coolers are notoriously¬†high in cals and sugar… so be proactive in your battle on bulge and if you drink, make it vodka.


Avoid snacking. Who am I? Saying no to snacking is like Kim Kardash saying “no” to money. However, meals in the summer time, and long weekends specifically, tend to be ginormous. Hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, potato salad, corn on the cob etc. etc. No 20 something wants to be the one who “just has a salad” (although again, something like a mixed¬†greens¬†salad with chicken is your best bet to stay bikini-ready!). Anyways, if you avoid the in between, just something-to-do snacking on chips and pop…. then you can keep your total day calorie intake low and still enjoy the wonders the BBQ (and hopefully your sexy grillmaster) offers you!


Join in the fun! Frisbee, volleyball, wakeboarding….. all great summer activities that burn cals. So don’t be the babe sunning herself on the back of the boat (for the entire time anyways). Get out there and play!


Plan your workouts in accordance to partying. Get in a workout before AND after you drink/eat your body weights worth of burgers. This isn’t the way to make progress with your 20 something bod, but it will keep you from gaining too much.


A confident and empowered 20 something female¬†might know how to change a spare tire (or have someone in their¬†phone who does), but they shouldn’t have their own to display to the world.


Until next time…. stay skinny, 20 something!